Being a magician in Nepal is not an easy job, and many people won’t support this platform as their career. So my dream is to help youth who have interest in magic and I want to create a team of magicians that can make this profession more appealing and more respectable in Nepal. This way we can participate in the reality shows related to magic in various parts of the world. A formal community of magicians is missing in Nepal and I am trying to create one


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My name is Saman Maharjan from Kathmandu Nepal who dreams to be the best Magician in Nepal. I am 23 years old and have a deep passion for Magic. Playing with the people’s minds and making them feel happy with my illusion hints is my Passion. It’s been more than 15 years that I have been in this field. I create magic and perform for different celebrities, general people, street magic, corporate magic, stage and close up. I have been working for Murphy’s magic Inc. based in New York, as a creator.

"What I love main thing is when I perform I perform for the smile of the people"

Saman Maharjan

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