About ME



I have done many magic shows in Kathmandu. Since 2010 magic has been a passion of mine. I came up with a few tricks and started implement them with my friends and family. A year back in 2013, when I was in Pokhara, I bumped into a beautiful couple who invited me to perform a stand-up show at their wedding. The reactions I got, to my amateurish performance as a magician, were sensational and I realise that I had the potential to develop this new found hobby into something much more professional. Since then I have performed as a magician at a range of events including parties, weddings, formal dinners, celebrities, trade shows and festivals. I have also performed in many Magic Shows in Kathmandu. 

My preferred style is to do close-up magic at tables making things disappear and reappear in unusual places, often the magic happens right in your guests’ own hands. I work with mostly cards, coins, borrowed rings, strings, borrowed phones and some more usual items. I also love to perform mentalist type effects but my aim is not to prove anything, merely to entertain people. If people tell me that they’ve had fun and they often do, then I know I’ve achieved what I’ve set out to do.

What is it About Magic that Makes it so Engaging?

Sometimes I wonder and ask myself, what exactly is the ingredient of illusion that captures people’s imagination and makes them want to see more and more. When I tap into that rich vein of enthusiasm and people are waving me over to their table and then after my ‘show’ at their table, showing their appreciation, what is the feeling that makes them behave that way?

‘The effects you witness are purely in your imagination, but I trust they bring forth emotions that are very real…’

I do believe that magic is a powerful communication and expression medium, and particularly enjoys sharing his love for mystery performance with unsuspecting audiences young and old, wherever they are.

My Mission

Performing a Magic Shows in Kathmandu is a really rare thing you all can find and people won’t get support especially in this field. So, my dream is to help youth who have interest in magic and I want to create a team of magicians that can make this profession more appealing and more respectable in Nepal. This way we can participate in the reality shows related to magic in various parts of the world. A formal community of magicians is missing in Nepal and I am trying to create one.

#keeplovingmagic 🙂